Welcome Beautiful Souls,


            My name is jAi and I am honored to have you here on my site.  Many people in this world cannot communicate what is in their hearts, mind, and soul; Countless people are unable to release what’s within. The beauty of music and poetry is giving words to the unspoken and empathy for everyone.  Naturally, my passion is in songwriting and producing.

 I began my career as a spoken word poet by filming a commercial for Kids 2 Teens Entertainment.  Soon after, I began hosting showcases with poets and musicians as part of a four-person team of writers, Soul Manfiest Krew. Performing as the opening track to Feminine Anarchy, a compilation album by Synnika Lofton, president of Guerrilla Ignition, solidified jAi as a professional poet.  Spending much time as a songwriter for musicians of many genres, including folk, R&B, pop, country, EDM, and hip hop.

 Producing not only music for musicians, but composing film scores is also a muse that I love. Movie soundtracks are what bring motion pictures to life! As a composer, as a songwriter, and as a producer I am finally living the life that I was born to live.